Cosmic DJ

Cosmic DJ is a game about creating music!

Cosmic DJ Press Brief


Cosmic DJ is a quick "pick up and play' musical experience centered around the joy of music creation. It's part game, part music-sequencer, and all heart. The musical adventure is set against a light-hearted and wacky intergalactic backdrop and is appropriate for a budding Cosmic DJ's of all skill levels. Enter the world of Cosmic DJ and travel through the galaxy as you repair "Jamtennae's and create your very own shareable album in the process!

Platform: iOS/Mac/PC 

Developer: GL33k

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Regular Price: iOS-$2.99 Steam-$2.99


Cosmic DJ is the brain child of Matt Piersall founder and lead creative at GL33k. GL33k left the comforts of game audio contracting and created Cosmic DJ utilizing their years of game audio experience to create a music centric experience that captured the spirit and fun of what it's like to create music. The goal was to share the joy of creation to those who have not gotten to experience it before. Cosmic DJ went through many iterations and explorations during development until focusing in on the idea of simply creating and sharing music in a "gamified" format.  


  • 6 Story Mode Levels
  • Quick-Play feature that randomizes instruments for endless replayability
  • Cover Art Creator - create cover art for each song
  • Soundcloud Sharing - share your creations through Soundcloud directly from the app
  • Intuitive Interface - Tap your notes in realtime or edit and enter them into "Grid Mode"
  • Soundcube Powerups - add in loops, hits, and replace sounds during your performances
  • Puppets that love you - encouraging puppets sing to you as you create a galactic symphony


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Interview with GL33k about the development (LONG!)

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Soundtrack Download



Twitter: @CosmicDJGame


Cosmic DJ Credits:

Matt Piersall - Game Design, Music, Creative Director

Damien DiFede - Programming, Computer Wizard, Level Design

Eric Wenske - Level Design, Unity Master, Art

Amanda Williams - Art, Color Palette Friend

someday you should buy our app, it's less than the price of a coffee and it's way more fun